BARAMI-5 -silver_ car portable air purifier

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#BARAMI-5 #Vehicle Air Cleaner for car #Photocatalytic+ Hephafilter

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IDM Corp.,a design speciality company certificated by KIDP is a company that has researched and developed its products 
steadily,based on the know-how it had accumlated over the years through the various R&D aid(support) projects 
(Business) since 2013 IDM Corp.,h...

Product description

Barami 5 is a double-care  car portable air purifier that uses photocatalytic filters and hepar filters.

It is a portable air purifier that can be used wherever portable power is available, such as in a car, next to bed, office desk, reading room, and tent.

Technical Details

Photocatalytic+ Hephafilter


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